Saturday, November 27, 2010

Origins (Part 2)

In death we mourn. But for every loss suffered, there is new life. A second chance.

Instead of allowing the absence of familiarity to wrap its hands around our throats, we must fight it off with whatever strength remains. If we can conquer those crooked, cold, lecherous fingers and find a way to breathe again the air will be clearer and that first inhale from the other side will show us...hope is always the answer.

I'm still the same kid from Iowa with a dream in my heart and a belief in hard work, in dedication. Often with success comes complacency, but not me, not now, not ever. There are fears in me now that are greater than any I have ever encountered. There are challenges that stand before me now, like mountains. This is my Everest, but I will relent not.

They can kill my name, disparage my accomplishments, destroy everything I've built, but they cannot touch my conviction. I...we....we're too strong and we will take this world and make our own.

This week I challenge each of you reading this to face your greatest fear head on. Heights, snakes, enclosed spaces, etc. Let's make the most of our lives and find out if we have what it takes to make change a reality. To hell with words, the time to move is now.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Origins (Part 1)

I've said it all before. You've heard it all before. These are dark times and the shadows we cast are rarely seen anymore. We walk amongst the living and we can see, smell, and taste life, but we barely feel a thing. Dead eyes in a dead world...

I've been working here. Dreaming up some new beginning for us all. What is left to inspire?