Friday, January 21, 2011


Belief in hatred is a distraction. And the excuses we make for our shortcomings will not save us from judgment. Judgment from self.

I am my own king. I am my own decider; we are all the masters of our own destinies. There is no fate, only coincidence. There is no exception, only causation. There is love in each of our hearts and it is the ultimate power. If we can learn to harness that energy, discard our scorn, burn out the edges and focus on the present and the future regret can be erased.

I am inspired by the ones whom I inspire. My heroes are the dreamers left amongst us. The ones who have never let go of what matters to them, who have loved deeply, lived wholly, conquered fully their fears in the knowledge that life is progression and not a means to an end, but rather an end to the means. There is nothing more perfect than the hands you hold. Nothing greater than the eyes you see. Nothing more beautiful than the life you live.

Let's change the world. I've never stopped believing.